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PBT Transport designed and built a new freight and logistics depot in Christchurch and appointed Focus Digital Security Solutions Limited to develop an IP CCTV system within a brief that included High -resolution images, comprehensive site coverage, capable of expansion, remote viewing and future integration of analytics such as ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition).

PBT specified that the system be networked to their Head Office for Management review for misplaced or misappropriated freight and significantly to investigate Health and Safety incidents.



Focus Digital designed a High Definition IP CCTV system using a combination of Axis IP Cameras, Digifort Network Video Software and Recorder. A key component of the innovative design was the inclusion of 24 pole mounted Axis 360 degree immersive cameras that with Digifort’s “Pana-Morph” technology produced total CCTV coverage of the depot.

The “Pana Morph” function allows the client to scroll into the 360 degree field of view to create a viewable image and follow all activity within the zone of operation of that camera. By installing a series of overlapping 360 degree Axis Cameras activity can be followed throughout the site with images capable of identifying individuals, vehicles and activity in one seamless playback.



Focus Digital completed the installation to specification, within budget and on time.

The new IP CCTV Security system has enhanced site security by producing quality images of individuals, activity and vehicles under all lighting conditions and the client reports significant cost savings when investigating claims of lost, misplaced/damaged freight and when reviewing incidents involving Health and Safety.

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