ParkIT® Camera is a fully digital number plate recognition IP camera, created for parking applications and operations. As a compact camera, ParkIT® Camera is comprised of a resistant single-sealed waterproof enclosure with an IP65 rating. The camera includes a synchronized infrared (IR) LED illumination unit providing clear and sharp images during day and night.


The SmartCAM is an all-in-one digital IP camera, illuminator and integrated computer. The computer is built into the housing together with the IP camera. This allows the camera, itself, to run license plate recognition, container code recognition, USDOT recognition and other databases or applications.


ParkIT® System is a complete end user access control and parking management system. It is highly flexible and customisable for any size of application. The system components are designed and built together to achieve simple and easy integration with any access control environment and without requiring programming or other specialized skills


The CARMEN® FreeFlow software is the flagship of the CARMEN® Recognition Software family. It reads number plates from many image sources incredibly fast and with the highest recognition accuracy. It offers country-independent recognition and a dedicated New Zealand specific OCR engine and library.


CARMEN® ACCR is created to extract and read the Container Codes of ISO containers. The software’s ability to read the ISO codes of shipping containers makes harbor, port, and logistic environments much more intelligent. CARMEN® ACCR software can assist in building comprehensive databases of traffic movement; automate and simplify airport, railways or harbors.


Railway vehicles, just as commercial motor vehicles and ISO containers, have their own unique and internationally common identification numbers.  The CARMEN® Railway Code Recognition software is created to extract and read the UIC numbers from railway vehicles with unparalleled accuracy and rapidity.

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