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License Plate Recognition

Facial Recognition

Advanced Video Analytics

Hybrid-Cloud Solutions

retail CCTV NZ Axis Communicatons


Whether you need only one 360 degree camera covering the retail floor, or an enterprise solution consisting of multiple sites deploying video analytics, all viewable from a central location via computers and smart decices, we can help.

We have designed and installed systems for over 350 retail sites across New Zealand, from small retailers to large corporations. 

Petrol Station CCTV LPR NZ


We are New Zealand's leading petroleum CCTV solution provider, we deploy cutting-edge High Definition CCTV technology developed exclusively for the New Zealand fuels market. We successfully designed and delivered the $8 million Z Energy Nationwide CCTV network upgrade; this has set the benchmark for petroleum CCTV solutions in New Zealand.

retail CCTV NZ Axis Communicatons


Health and Safety is a priority for all employers. Logistics companies generally rely on fast-paced, robust processes to ensure that their customers expectations are met. CCTV plays a vital role in managing risk and providing real-time process control. Talk to us about our smart video analytics that provide  real-time situational-awareness and alerting.

retail CCTV NZ Axis Communicatons


We consult, design and deploy cutting-edge High Definition CCTV systems for Shopping Centers that provide detailed coverage of all high risk and high traffic areas, whilst providing proactive alerts and actionable insights via our Smart Video Analytics suites. CCTV systems are no longer simply for security; our solutions provide much more.

retail CCTV NZ Axis Communicatons


Commercial and office environments are full of desirable items such as IT equipment, stock and in some cases, there is a certain level of cash handling. Provide peace of mind and security for both you and your employees with CCTV silently and autonomously watching over your premises. Combine traditional CCTV with video analytics for an insightful, automated, proactive solution.

retail CCTV NZ Axis Communicatons


Banking environments require the highest quality of images and frame-rate with the upmost reliability and solution integrity. Leverage our experience and explore our range of options for CCTV, POS integration, Business Intelligence Analytics and Customer Flow. Gain greater insights whilst protecting your customers and employees.

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