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The Warehouse Group constructed a new 3 story office block as an extension of the existing building. Management commenced a Tender process with specifications that required the project to be completed in stages to ensure security of both the new and old sites and to cause minimal disruption to Staff. The project was to include upgrading the old buildings security devices and CCTV cameras and full integration of the total sites Alarm and Access Control’s reporting, monitoring and management systems.


Phase 1 required a new Alarm and Access control solution to be installed connecting the new offices detection devices and access controlled doors. Phase 2 required all existing detection devices and access control components in the old building to be “cut over” and connected to the new solution with both sites to be monitored on one platform. 


Focus Digital Security Solutions Ltd, a wholly New Zealand owned and operated business were awarded the project which commenced in 2014



Focus Digital Security Solutions Limited worked closely with the new sites Architect, Project Manager, Building Manager and Security team to install devices and secure the premise as required within a strict time line. On completion of Phase 1 installation work the new site was connected to monitoring and commissioning completed.


The Technical team completed a Detection device, Expander and cable audit identifying and labelling all components to create “as built” documents for future reference.


Completion of the Phase 2 Alarm and Access Control “cut over” was meticulously planned and completed by the team over 2 days causing no disruption to the sites operation.



This complex and challenging project was completed on time, within budget and to the client’s satisfaction. The client was supplied “as built” plans detailing all detection devices, components and locations.


Focus Digital Security Solutions Ltd are proud to have completed this project for The Warehouse and delighted with the end result.

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