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To meet legislative requirements of the Racing Industry the Auckland Greyhound Club conducted an audit of their Manukau track and kennels aged analogue CCTV system finding that it was in need of an upgrade.

Under the Racing Act 2003 and NZ Greyhound Codes of Practice, rules have been established requiring Greyhound racing management to investigate and report on any incident or animal welfare issue. 

“Owners and persons in charge of racing industry greyhounds have a responsibility to understand and meet the welfare needs of their greyhounds. The purpose of the code is to encourage all those responsible for racing industry greyhounds to adopt the highest standards of husbandry, care and handling.”

The 80 kennel facility is situated under the grandstand and houses greyhounds in separate cages before and after racing. Ensuring that the activity and movements of all persons and Greyhounds in the Kennel were monitored 100% of the time was a priority to the brief. Other aspects required that the CCTV system be High Definition IP CCTV, capable of expansion and remote off site viewing.



Focus Digital designed a Hi Definition IP CCTV system using a combination of Axis IP Cameras, Digifort Network Video Software and Recorder. A key component of the innovative design was the inclusion of Axis 360 degree cameras that with Digifort’s “Pana-Morph” technology allowing the client to record and play back images from all corners of the Kennel area without compromising on picture quality.

The “Pana Morph” function allows the client to scroll into the 360 degree field of view to create a viewable image and follow all activity within the zone of operation of that camera. By installing a series of overlapping 360 degree Axis Cameras activity can be followed throughout the site with images capable of identifying individuals, greyhounds and activity in one seamless playback.



Focus Digital completed the installation to specification, within budget and on time.

The new IP CCTV Security system has enhanced site security by producing quality images of individuals, activity and greyhounds. The client was delighted with the quality of images and amazed at the effectiveness of the “pana morph” technology that producing 100% site coverage.   

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