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Well known for innovative ways to reduce crime, Focus Digital Security comes now with a revolutionary solution for petrol station drive offs. Read more about it in the National Business Review article (just click on the photo ) and also stay tuned for more good news from Focus in the next months.

ANPR systems are increasingly being adopted in traffic enforcement, detection, and prevention of crimes and access control in the public/private sector. Initiatives undertaken by governments and private sector to incorporate new technologies in order to ensure safety is one of the key factors driving growth in the global automatic number plate recognition market. Applications of ANPR systems in the commercial sector have increased in the recent years and shown significant traction in the vehicle-parking segment, petrol stations in order to reduce drive-offs...

Stuart Gregory - Focus Digital Director explain how ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) works.

"The way it works is that if a vehicle enters a Z Energy station and pulls up to the forecourt, the cameras will read that licence plate and check that against a known database of drive-offs offenders.And if the licence plate is found on that database, in real time that pump will be turned to pre-pay - therefore eliminating the possibility of stealing more fuel.

If a vehicle comes on-site and steals fuel for the first time, Z staff can create a report on a computer and send it directly to the police.The vehicle's number plate will also be immediately blocked from services, other than pre-pay, at other Z stations.

If a known stolen vehicle arrives on a Z Energy site, there will be an email alert sent automatically to the police to advise them that vehicle is on that site that exact moment.

But Focus Digital technology is not just about stopping the bad guys stealing fuel.

Although it's effective at blacklisting bad plates, it also has what we call whitelist uses.

There are opportunities, for example, with mobility passes.You register your mobility permit against a vehicle's licence plate and when you arrive at a particular client's site they are alerted in real time that assistance may be required.

We also see potential use of the technology for loyalty schemes and alerting staff when VIP customer arrives.

There's lot's of potential for ANPR and associated optical character recognition technology beyond nailing drive-offs offenders.

Parking management, road tolls and cointainer tracking are potential markets.

It's the point where security technology could merge with workflow and logistics, and is an area where Focus Digital sees a lot of potential growth.

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