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Focus Digital Security - Official PROTECT Fog Cannon fog machine Nationwide Reseller

We are proud to announce that Focus Digital Security are officially trained and certified in the supply and installation of FogCannon NZ Ltd's fantastic range of PROTECT Fog Cannons.

Focus Digital Security currently provide nationwide electronic security services to many of New Zealand's leading retail and commercial businesses and as such we are well positioned to provide you with industry-leading design, installation, commissioning and training on New Zealand's best range of Fog Cannons.

With tobacco-related products fast becoming the new currency among the criminal fraternity many businesses are recognising the real threat that this poses to the safety of their employees. As a result they are choosing to install Fog Cannons as a method of deterring would-be offenders from targeting their stores. In the event that the offenders do target their store, the Fog Cannon can be easily activated and within seconds the entire target area is blanketed in a thick white synthetic fog, making it near impossible for the offender to see, let alone steal any product. The effectiveness of Fog Cannons in New Zealand has been well documented in recent months with the resulting effect being offenders fleeing the scene empty-handed.

The dense white fog is harmless to humans, animals, electronics and fixtures and does not leave a residue or smell; replacement fluid is cost effective and simple to refill.

To learn more about how Focus Digital Security can add an extra layer of security to your business please contact us on 0508 0 FOCUS or

Stuart Gregory, Director

Focus Digital Security

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