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Collaboration the key to success

Read the story on the Z Energy website by clicking the image and discover how collaboration between two modern organisations can be the key to success when you have your customers interest put first.

Z Energy IP Video Surveillance and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

In 2013 Z Energy initiated a Tender process for the upgrade of their analogue CCTV systems in their 212 Service Stations throughout New Zealand. Executives specified criteria that ensured the approved system future proofed their investment to allow for expansion, software upgrades without licensing costs, remote viewing and analytics.

One of Z Energy’s major on-going concerns was the theft of fuel by customers in what is termed within the industry as a “drive off”.

Z Energy conducted a robust Tender process that resulted in the $8 million contract being awarded to Focus Digital Security Solutions Ltd a wholly New Zealand owned and operated business. The approved IP CCTV system was designed using a combination of Axis IP Cameras, Axis decoders and Digifort Network Video Management Software.

Focus Digital were also tasked to develop and pilot an ANPR system to be tested in 11 sites over 12 months to reduce fuel thefts by “drive off”. Focus Digital identified the Global leading Carmen ANPR OCR engine as the most reliable and advanced technology in the market. Focus Digital worked with the Carmen developers who “re-trained” the software using 60,000 New Zealand number plates ensuring the “read rate” was working at optimum accuracy levels. This innovative system enabled pumps to be managed through offender identification and set to “pre-pay”. This reduced losses by over 80%. As a result of this success Z Energy sought further development of software to improve the reporting and analysis of criminal behaviour on their sites.

Focus Digital partnered with Auror, a specialist crime trend reporting company to develop software to meet Z Energy and NZ Police specifications to further enhance the initial investment. This cloud based software ensures Z Energy sites are immediately notified when a suspect vehicle (repeat “drive off” or stolen) enters a service station. Reporting events or incidents to Management and Police is simple and takes minimal time to complete. In addition to a black list the system allows for a white list to be developed to benefit marketing opportunities including customer loyalty programmes.

Focus Digital commenced the installations in 2014 and will have the whole of network completed by September 2016.

The new IP High Definition CCTV Security system has enhanced site security by producing excellent quality images of individual and vehicles under all lighting conditions. The inclusion of ANPR and Reporting software has significantly reduced “drive offs” and other reportable incidents

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